Banking & Securites

Tư vấn chứng khoán & ngân hàng

Founding lawyers of NPKlaw had been manager of legislation and internal controls for one of the largest securities companies and banks in Vietnam, so we really understand the securities business as well as provisions of the current law.

Our services for securities include but are not limited to the following services:

– Consult the legal aspects of the establishment and operation of securities companies;

– Consulting on internal issues, process building and regulation of the activities of securities companies;

– Consulting on compliance procedures of the operation of securities companies;

– Consulting on the registration of a public company;

– Consult aspects of law and practical of listing conditions, drafting documents listed its shares on the stock exchange;

– Verification of the legal status of listed companies and public companies;

– Consulting on issues to raise capital, sell shares to the initial public (IPO), selling retail shares for public companies;

– Consult the legal issues of operational control information announcement of listed public and unlisted companies;

– Consulting and participate to mediate disputes in securities;

– Advising the equitization of State enterprises, issuing shares, bonds, convertible bonds to the public;

– Consultation processes and comprehensive solutions in the revaluation of business assets;

– Consult the share purchase and sale transactions at high value between enterprises, entrepreneurs, financial institutions;

– Consult the traded debt securities and derivative products between enterprises, entrepreneurs, financial institutions;

– Consulting on protection and handle legal problems for investors in the stock market;

– Consultation processes and comprehensive solution for the form of Abroad idle capital investment with a term in VietNam;

– Consult regularly for the operation of the fund, the fund management company. Consulting solutions to improve management of the funds actually invested in the business, the project objectives;

In the field of banking activities where exchanges of financial needs and where exchanges of multitude of legal issues arising from transactions between banks and entities as clients, banking partners.

In this sector, NPKlaw can act as a law firm to consult for enterprises, investors, clients during transactions with the Bank. The transaction has been consulting by our practice is very diverse, ranging from large transactions syndicated loan financing of accompanying measures to ensure the complex loan, bank financing, financing for the project and derivatives complex products, financing solutions, investment funds between banks and clients.

For bank, we understood that in order to deploy large business transactions, the bank must always combine weigh the business risks, legal risks and business philosophy of banking before the business opportunity is perceived. In the context of the law has not clearly one type of banking transactions, but are bound to strict management perspective of the State Bank and other agencies, so much as the assessment and control of legal risk is the most important issue of a transaction. We understand the problems and are led innovative solutions to banks achieve their business objectives in the safest legally.

If you need more information to know our firm can assist you on the issue of securities & banking, please contact the our lawyers via email: or call hotline number: +84.988.505.572.

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