Contract negotiations

Đàm phán hợp đồng

One of the highlights and most important relations in the trend of globalization shift in all aspects of social life that are trade and investment relations. With the advent and plays a central role as a bridge as well as conduct the entire governing rules and practice of international organizations such as WTO, NAFTA, ASEAN, etc. .. has created equal business environment for traders and investors around the World.

With a team of lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in the specialized fields of NPK law Firm, we always create focal points and breakthrough in the transaction which we participated. The negotiation method is based on the goals and interests of client with flexible and best alternative options for any negotiation (BATNA – Best alternative to a negotiated agreement) and receive acutely aware of the limited agreement of partner (Zopa – Zone of possible agreement) to bring for client the most implemented and effective contracts.

The strength of the negotiating team of NPKlaw concentrate and intensive of fields:

Procuringand transfering equipments and assembly lines of fields: mining, cement, steel, building materials, and other heavy industrial sectors using high-technology;
Construction of the harbour bridge infrastructure, telecommunication, industrial parks, urban areas and the combination of commercial centers;
Transfer shares, sale of assets, M & A, loan deals with complicacy foreign elements;
Franchise and distribution of goods, joint venture and investment cooperation contracts.

The lawyers of NPK approach breakthrough thinking based on clever combination between the soft skills with the flexibility to apply the policies and laws of Vietnam and the concerned countries. Our commitment is always reliable companion for traders and investors at home and abroad.

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