Import – export consultancy

Tư vấn xuất nhập khẩu

NPKlaw & Associates is proud to have the presence of lawyers team in-depth understanding of the of import – export specialization such as looking for, evaluating partners, contract negotiations, payment to the delivery procedures and dispute resolution if any in the areas of production machinery line, specialized equipments, common goods .. etc. . We focus but not limited to the following advice:

– Providing legal advice and trade policy, contract for sale of goods, import and export, conditioned import – export commodities;

– Legal advice on international commitments, market opening schedule, trade practices and customs, the legal issues of competition, restrictions, monopolies, trade barriers, economic concentration in international competition, unfair competition, application of emergency measures, the case/work on competition, the case of trade remedies;

– Consult the network organization of Branches and Representative Offices; trade promotion and Representative Traders , Dealers activities, International Trade entrustment;

– Legal Advice the transactions are made through the commodity exchanges office, options and term trấnctions, commercial ads, auctions, goods or services bidding, franchise;

– Consulting and represents to apply enforced trade sanctions, violations hanlding, force compensation, suspension or cancellation of trading transactions; Representative to solve trade disputes and competition proceedings;

– Consult legal procedures relating to the organization, operation, bringing goods out and into the switch ports and economic zones, border gate areas, bonded warehouses, tax warehouses, import issues under investment incentives projects, tax exempt projects;

– Advising on import and export tax, duty-free roadmap, the reduction on the international commitments and reimbursement;

NPKlaw & Associates is confident and committed to do more than what clients expect of import and export specialization. For more information or to get a free consultation, please contact us at hotline : +0988 505 572 or email :

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