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 When investment and business activities in Vietnam ever growing , litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution have become an important part of NPKlaw’s activities . With managerial of two Vietnamese lawyers have extensive experience on Business – Commercial Litigation, NPKLaw specialize in litigation at court and arbitration relating to foreign investment , international trade dispute and the domestic typical disputes. NPKlaw’s litigation lawyers has participated in many commercial litigation in domestically and internationally .

     NPKlaw has advised for members of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP) in the cases of contract dispute with major export partners of the United States and Italy .

   NPKlaw’s lawyers has represented  for many large corporations in Korea and Singapore for handling compensation claims in Vietnam court for actual damages and loss of business , including the indirect damage that caused by Vietnamese counterparts. The rules of court in the case of NPKlaw’s lawyers involved has set a precedent for the settlement of claims for compensation of indirect damage in future in accordance with the Vietnam law .

      NPKlaw also represents for some units of the military forces in the procurement of equipment for security and defense sectors to ask for partners in Hungary , Czech Republic and Switzerland compensate through the negotiations and international litigation .

       NPKlaw also active in the field of international commercial litigation. NPKlaw has represented for an Austrian bank in a dispute with the complex international payment  forms of letter of credit ( L / C ) in Vietnam . We have supporedt this banks required to implement a judgment of a reputation arbitration centers in Europe in favor of the bank as the enforceable in Vietnam .

If you would like further information on how our firm can assist you in addressing litigation issues, please either email to : or call to Hotline : +84-988 505 572.

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