Merger & Acquisition

Mua bán & Sáp nhập doanh nghiệp

Due to the nature of the primitive of the law relating to the characteristics and nature of the business environment focused on acquiring management power in Vietnam, so the transactions of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) is very diversity.

When consulting for corporations, enterprises, major entrepreneurs in Merger & Acquisition transactions, NPKlaw always pay attention to the strategic elements of consultation solutions to ensure its clients will achieve immediate goals and continue to have the advantage, the long-term potential of management, corporate operation.

In this field, major consultation services of NPKlawfor offer to clients, include:

– Consulting and looking for M&A partners

– Advising, drafting and negotiating contracts for the sale and purchase of shares transactions between banks, financial institutions, corporations, large enterprises with strategic partners at home and abroad;

– Advising, drafting and negotiating contracts for the stock sale and purchase transactions to acquire the right of enterprise administration and operation;

– Consulting and rating enterprise credit based on a systemic comprehensive assessment of organizational structure of the corporate’s operation, the complete evaluation of rules, procedures, internal management tools of objective enterprise;

– Consulting to acquire management, control of objective for the entreprenuesr.

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