Import – export consultancy

NPKlaw & Associates is proud to have the presence of lawyers team in-depth understanding of the of import – export specialization such as looking for, evaluating partners, contract negotiations, payment to the delivery procedures and dispute resolution if any in the areas of production machinery line, specialized equipments, common goods .. etc. . We focus […]

Dịch vụ doanh nghiệp

Enterprises Services

In the context of trade and investment  is unprecedented booming in the economic activity of the country, the passionate young lawyers team of NPKlaw advise for clients and consult with relevant authorities the legal issues to provide comprehensive solutions for business operation of traders, legal entities in Vietnam. The services we provide to clients are […]

Tranh tụng


 When investment and business activities in Vietnam ever growing , litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution have become an important part of NPKlaw’s activities . With managerial of two Vietnamese lawyers have extensive experience on Business – Commercial Litigation, NPKLaw specialize in litigation at court and arbitration relating to foreign investment , international […]

Sở hữu trí tuệ


In the field of intellectual property, along with its partners of industrial property representatives, NPKlaw provide clients comprehensive consultation services for objects of industrial property rights and copyrights, including : – Advising on protectorate capability, the registration of industrial property and work objects; – Look up, providing relevant information of the registration objects; – Complete […]

Mua bán & Sáp nhập doanh nghiệp

Merger & Acquisition

Due to the nature of the primitive of the law relating to the characteristics and nature of the business environment focused on acquiring management power in Vietnam, so the transactions of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) is very diversity. When consulting for corporations, enterprises, major entrepreneurs in Merger & Acquisition transactions, NPKlaw always pay attention to […]

Pháp luật hình sự

Civil law

      NPKlaw’s lawyers have extensive experience in prominent , complexity and diversity cases of civil transactions. We are specialized in offering comprehensive solutions in the following areas: CIVIL LITIGATION Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking monetary damages. Those involved in civil litigation are seeking money rather than […]

Tư vấn chứng khoán & ngân hàng

Banking & Securites

Founding lawyers of NPKlaw had been manager of legislation and internal controls for one of the largest securities companies and banks in Vietnam, so we really understand the securities business as well as provisions of the current law. Our services for securities include but are not limited to the following services: – Consult the legal […]

Tư vấn đầu tư

Investment Consultancy

Advice on all the sector and aspect of foreign investment is one of the core activities of NPKlaw. NPKlaw has advised for investors at home and abroad through a variety of projects, including rescue & fire fighting equipment, thermal-power plant, mining, steel, cement – lime industry, Construction, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and many other fields. […]

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