Criminal law

      Criminal law consultant is one of the first legal services of NPKLaw, clients trust and used since NPKlaw’s start-up. Be done by the professional and experienced criminal lawyers, consulting services of criminal law of NPKlaw is contribute to ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of our clients, helping the proceedings agencies restricted the wrongfully, unfortunate consequences for trial of guilty right person according to law...

      Due to many different reasons, many clients come to us when the "disease" was heavy. This makes it difficult and affected the outcome "treatment" of NPK lawyer for clients. In some cases, after receiving consultant, most of clients are wistful mood. For example, clients do not get timely advice, have missed the opportunity to enjoy the extenuating circumstances, criminal liability, or do not have the opportunity to reach an agreement of satisfactory compensation ...

     Come in time with us for criminal law advice to protect the legitimate interests of his job is urgent for those who fall into the working within thư justice.


1. For the Accused, the defendant:

- Consulting on interrogating by the proceedings agencies or at the trial to avoid duress, feeding supply, offers vindicated, free or mitigate criminal responsibility.

- Consulting on compensation procedures of life, health, honor and dignity.

- Consulting on proper attitude, ethical social order for the victim, or their representatives sympathy to apply criminal liability exemption to the accused, the defendant.

- Consulting to collect the documents, evidence and implementation of emergency measures to effect the extenuating or enjoy leniency policy of the Party and the State.

2. For the victims and their relatives - families:

- Consulting the legal procedures required to initiate prosecutions, the accused prosecuted at the request of the victim.

- Consulting on claims for damages in lives, health, honor, dignity and spiritual losses caused by unlawful acts of others has caused.

3. Consulting  other criminal law matters.

     If you need more information to know NPKlaw can assist you in the criminal matter, please contact our lawyers through email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call to number: +84.988.505.572.

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