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NPKLaw is a Vietnamese law firm with scope of advisory activities varied in both domestic and Abroad. With its main office in Hanoi and operates in a unified system on Nationwide, recently NPKlaw has cooperates with Korea law partners to open an office in Korea to further expand consulting activities in international transactions. NPKLaw is recognized as one of the international leading law firm in Vietnam More...


Contract negotiations

One of the highlights and most important relations in the trend of globalization shift in all aspects of social life that are trade and investment relations


Investment consultancy

Advice on all the sector and aspect of foreign investment is one of the core activities of NPKlaw


Banking & Security

Founding lawyers of NPKlaw had been manager of legislation and internal controls for one of the largest securities companies and banks in Vietnam


Civil cases

Criminal law consultant is one of the first legal services of NPKLaw, clients trust and used since NPKlaw’s start-up


Criminal cases

NPKlaw’s lawyers have extensive experience in prominent , complexity and diversity cases of civil transactions


Merger & Acquisition

Due to the nature of the primitive of the law relating to the characteristics and nature of the business environment focused on acquiring management power in Vietnam


Intellectual property

Advising on protectorate capability, the registration of industrial property and work objects



When investment and business activities in Vietnam ever growing , litigation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution have become an important part of NPKlaw’s activities


Enterprises services

Investment projects in accordance with market demand or by call upon, encourage investment by the relevant authorities

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